About our nursery

Our aim is to provide the best experiences for children. Every day at Dreamcatcher, we ask ourselves 'How can we provide each child with the best opporunities for learning and growth?'. In order to know who children are and what they are able to achieve, we ensure plenty of time is given for each child to show us.

Our staff →
Children playing with hands in the air.

Our staff

A nursery is only as good as its people. We believe that valued, well trained and respected practitioners allow your child to be stimulated, valued and well cared for. We invest time in recruiting those early years practitioners who share our beliefs and values. Crucially all our practitioners share the qualifications and/or experience, dedication, patience, integrity and creativity that are needed to create an environment in which children can shine.

We believe children must be at the centre of all that we do.

Catering and nutrition →
Adult looking after a young child.

Balanced nutrition

Dreamcatcher prepares nutritionally balanced meals, prepared on site by our dedicated team. We work closely with our parents to ensure that every child’s needs are catered for. We offer breakfast 9 choices of cereals and toast, mid-morning snacks of fresh fruit and milk, a light lunch and afternoon tea (which is a more substantial meal). Menu’s are rotated on a 4 week basis offering a variety of different tastes and textures.

Our menu’s are created seasonally to ensure we include fresh fruit and vegetables. Mealtimes are not just about food at Dreamcatcher, they are important times where we all come together in our hub room. They are sociable times where we enjoy our meal in the company of our friends.